Montana Border: Day Two

This is my very first entry on my very first blog. I just found a place to get on line.
I wanted this to be a photo blog with few words and some photos, yet it is one with no photos and a few words.
For the second night I’ve been stuck in a horrendous snowstorm with 100 kmh plus winds on the Montana border in Coutts, Alberta.
Power was out most of the day but just came on. Not exactly a successful Montana landscape photography trip thus far with these unexpected early May severe weather conditions.
An elderly couple of ladies are staying a few doors down in the same motel. Their car flipped over after they lost control on the road. Thanks to the weather, crews can’t get it for them until tomorrow.

I will try once more to head into Montana tomorrow but if the weather doesn’t lift soon the photo trip may become a flop. Must keep positive though and hope the weather does a complete turn tomorrow.

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