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Shows and Events 2015

Well it is the beginning of a new year for us all. I wish it to be wonderful for everyone.
For myself this promises to be the beginning of many new things, starting with a month long exhibit in a lovely space in Port Perry opening this weekend. 
Here are the details on it, as well as a few other dates so far in 2015:
Observations Through the Lens
Kent Farndale Gallery:       Jan 10 – Feb 5, 2015
Scugog Memorial Public Library
Box 1049, 231 Water Street
Port Perry, ON L9L 1A
(905) 985-768

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 10, 2015,   2 – 5pm
The Landscape and Other Bodies of Work
Contact Photo 2015: May 3 – 30, 2015
The Great Escape Bookstore Gallery
Stephen Gilligan & myself will do a joint show for this year’s Contact event.
Our exhibit will be most unique!
Pelham Art Festival:  May 8 – 10, 2015
Town of Pelham in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario.

Cobourg Waterfront Festival:    July 1 – July 4, 2015

Buckhorn Fine Arts Festival:     August 15 -17, 2015

Artfest at the Distillery:      Sept 4-7 2015(Labour Day Weekend) 

 Historical Distillery District, Toronto

Durham College

Well another semester has drawn to a close. The students in the Advertising Programme at Durham College are such a wonderful group. The quality of their photographic work completed this past semester was stellar. Many of them will continue learning on their own as they have a strong interest in the photographic image. Dawn and some others in that programme are doing great work with these students as they continue to prepare for the world of the employed. Some of my students are now experimenting and shooting with film!
Great to see.

Toronto Islands

The islands located mere minutes from the hustle of the city continue to be a source of escape and inspiration. This community has so much to offer in park lands, beaches, artists’ residences, bike paths, bird watching and so much natural beauty. I have been lucky to find a couple of projects, which keep pulling me out there.
Damselfly, Trout Pond, Toronto Island  •  Fuji, Nikon 55mm micro lens
•  Fuji, 18mm lens

Scanning with the Epson V700 

For many years I have believed the Nikon Coolscan series of scanners was the single best solution for getting those film negatives into a digital format. Certainly this was the case for scanners available in the sub $2000 price range anyway. Yet, since acquiring the Epson V700, I must confess my Coolscan has begun gathering dust (well, figuratively as I have it covered in plastic). 
The V700 has convinced me that it is possible to get high quality film scans with a flat bed scanner. This is true, not only with my medium format negs, but 35mm film as well. The dynamic range is high, the resolution (although the debate continues regarding actual resolution numbers) is high and with Ed Hamrick’s VueScan software, a great deal of control allows so much tweaking to a scan, that much detail can be pulled from most negatives. 
A lot has been written about Epson’s poor quality negative holders, but this is not something which has concerned me so far.  In future, I may order the fully adjustable and higher quality holders from Better Scanning. It is my understanding that there is a tolerance factor in distance from the glass, which can be critical and may be adjusted to increase sharpness in scans. The Better Scanning holder offers a solution to this issue that the standard V700 holder by itself does not.
Here are several scans recently made with the V700:
• Mamiya 7ll  • 150mm lens  •  Ilford FP4 125 film
Richie Havens  •  Nikon  •  200mm lens  •  HP5 film
   Elgin Tunnel  •  Nikon  •  35mm lens  •  HP5 400 film
Nikon  •  85mm lens, f1.8  •  Fuji Acros 100 film
Buffy Sainte-Marie  •  Nikon  •  200mm lens  •  HP5 400 film
Mamiya C220 • 80mm lens • Ilford Delta 100 film


Destination Wedding in the Maldives

Lucky me for I have been asked to shoot wedding pictures for a lovely bride this coming March. I was asked to give my answer as soon as I could. It took me three seconds! 


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