Heading North

Well I am leaving the Waterton area in just a few minutes.
I love this place but, want to catch the light over the foothills, so I likely won’t post any images. Not enough time really.

Have seen eagles, big horn sheep, mountain goats and many, many gophers (ho-hum).

Last evening I went high into the mountains and just stood there with my jaw hanging down. How could I never have experienced the west before? After marveling at the beauty of Canada and indeed how fortunate we Canadians are to call this our home, I eventually headed back down the mountain. Sitting down to enjoy something to eat was even more a treat because the young people who were running the grill had a mixed music list of Neil Young songs. Nothing could have topped off the day or had been more appropriate than this bit of Canadiana. Lump in the throat stuff.

If I can find the Internet tonight I will post more images later this evening.

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