Dillon, Montana

So I drove a long way today. All the way from the border to close to the bottom of the state: Dillon to be precise. Met some interesting people including some very, um, interesting US Border people.

In my attempt to get away from the bad weather I think I have somehow managed to bring it with me. At least that’s what some Montanans believe!
It is 10pm and I am looking outside it is and snowing once more. I thought the further south from Alberta I drove, the less it would snow. But I’m told that it is a rare May indeed that doesn’t get several “winter” storms. The weather report calls for mixed snow and rain through to at least Saturday here. The ceiling is 400 feet, so visibility is actually worsening. Alberta weather is set to clear in a couple of days, so perhaps I should begin heading a loop north and get to where there is some nicer light.
Saw beautiful scenery when the weather had clearing intervals today. South of Great Falls I had my first taste of spectacular mountains. But shooting mountain landscapes (whose tops can’t be seen clearly) with a tripod in snowy or high wind conditions isn’t what I was hoping for.

The speed limit here is 75mph on the interstate. I was told that up until a few years ago there was no speed limit at all.

Today I saw a large coyote, some eagles, many elk and a number of other critters. There truly is a lot of wildlife. All over Montana is fantastic fishing and they boast some of the best fly fishing for trout in the world. The rivers and streams seem to be everywhere and Dillon seems to be almost the centre of it.
These are images shot in the mountains when the weather lifted.

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